Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remodeling a house without being fooled. Tips for making the contract.

To remodel a house we should hire specialized personnel, but this situation usually cause nervousness and uncertainty, we do not know how to prove the seriousness of these people, if they are responsible for not going to perform a task whose result is not expected, or that directly leave us with half the work done.
For this to happen and we do not run the risk of losing not only money but our time and health, the ideal is to establish a written contract between both parties. This may make it clear what are the responsibilities and rights of each.

The following are some guidelines that can be included within the contract to remodel the house, setting tasks and actions to carry out both the homeowner and for contractors.

Data from the contractor and the company. Name of the main person with whom we will try and name, address and telephone number of the company to which it belongs. You may also be asked to submit the papers with proper authorization to perform such tasks. Do not accept a post office box or an e-mail, with any problem, need a physical place to which to refer.

Set a start date and an ending date of the work. This will allow the contractor to avoid delay to the start of work, a situation that often occurs. And while the ending of it can vary by climatic factors, the stipulation of a termination date will help plan daily tasks.

Extra work. This possibility will allow us to make changes or add any other duties in the home remodeling and the contractor may not refuse them.

Payments. In this type of work provided it is customary to give a deposit, but do not overdo it. Agree that a percentage of total cost is given as an advance. You can also clarify that the rest of payment will be made as certain works are completed. (For example, plastering, painting, floor placement, etc.).

Work. Be very clear about what type of work you want to perform and its results. Also, make an agreement regarding working hours and days. Specify where you can leave the material they will need (this is very useful for not finding the materials and tools scattered around the home or garden) and any other rule that comes to mind, for greater organization by both parties during the remodeling of the house.

While this contract may seem a little tedious, do not rely on a contractor who does not want to sign it, because that will reflect that plan to work in their own way, regardless of their needs. Talk calmly but firmly with the other party and also accepts suggestions from them, after all, they have experience in this work and how to do it.
We hope these tips for a contract to remodel your home will allow avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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